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We sell a huge range of winter tyres at the cheapest prices available on the internet for UK customers, so if you are looking for cheap new or used tyres to suit severe driving conditions then you have found the best site on the net. All tyres can be delivered direct to your door or fully fitted at a tyre fitter near you!

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Why Winter Tyres?

In temperatures of 7Ai??C and below, normal summer tyres begin to harden and loss of flexibility increases the distance needed to brake. Cold Weather Tyres have been used across most of continental Europe for some time now, but due to the last few harsh winters, the UK is slowly catching up and use of these tyres is now more common. Fitting winter wheels & tyres in these conditions also gives the driver increased confidence in the vehicle's ability to be driven safely in harsh conditions, allowing uninterrupted driving whilst maintaining high safety levels. Want to learn more reasons why then read more here.

Winter Tyre Braking Distance

Braking Distance (source conti-central.co.uk)

Delivered or Fitted?

Tyres Delivered Or FittedOur site allows you to buy new and used winter tyres from the comfort of your own home and have them delivered to your door, or to a fully qualified tyre fitter, who will fit and balance the tyres for you, saving you all the hassle.

Winter Wheels

Winter Wheels & TyresWe can also offer you a full set of winter wheels & Tyres, this will allow you to swap wheels over at the beginning and end of cold weather periods, without having to get a tyre fitter to mount the tyres for you. Prices for a full set of wheels and tyres start from just £395, click here for more information .