Avon CR85 Winter Tyre

Avon CR85 Winter TyreThe Avon CR85 Winter Tyre has been specifically developed to cater for the needs of high performance cars who, more than most, suffer in periods of extreme cold weather.

The CR85 features widely spaced and aggressively profiled tread blocks for carving through the snow before efficiently clearing it out of the grooves. The tread pattern also has a unique central, circumferential rib to help sharpen steering response either side of the straight ahead position.

The tyre is rated with both 'Severe Snow Conditions' and 'M+S' (mud and snow) symbols and is available in a broad range of wide, low-profile fitments for most high performance cars.

    • Gives first-rate traction on winter roads & snow, ice, slush, mud and wet
    • Excellent road holding in wet and dry conditions
  • Available in low profile sizes specially to fit high performance cars
  • Keeps you mobile in the poorest weather conditions

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