Used Winter Tyres

Used (or Part Worn) Winter tyres are a good idea, especially if you are on a budget or don't use your vehicle very much. Most used winter tyres that are available come from Germany or other European countries where it is law to fit winter tyres for certain periods in a year. Most part worn winter tyres still have plenty of life left in them, typically 5mm or more (a new winter tyre has 8mm tread).

Part Worn Winter TyresAs with any normal tyre, winter tyres which have puncture repairs done to them are done so to strict standards. Before purchasing any used winter tyre, ask the following questions:

Does the tyre(s) have any puncture repairs and if so are they located within the repairable are as set by British Standards

Does the tyre have any sidewall damage, be it chunks missing in the kerbing protector (if the sidewall cords are exposed then the tyre is unsafe for use, so do not buy)

Save Money - Help The Environment

The other positive thing about using part worn winter tyres is the impact on the environment, instead of good, usable tyres being sent to landfill or to be burnt, they can be reused until the tyre tread has worn out completly.

To search for part worn winter tyres, simply enter your tyre width, profile and rim size into the drop down boxes at the top of this page and click the Find Part Worn Winter Tyres button.