Winter Wheels & Tyres

Winter Wheels & TyresBuying a complete set of alloy wheels with winter tyres is the preferred method of getting your vehicle ready for winter. No messing about getting tyres swapped over, just jack up, bolt on. Simple.

When choosing a set of winter alloy wheels and tyres, it is vital that you carefully select your vehicle's make, model and version (i.e. Audi TT Mk2, 2.0L FSi). Many models differ from one another, the hub or centre bore is slightly different (meaning that the wheels may not fit on properly or be to big) or the offset (the number at where the wheel sits on the hub) is different.

Thankfully, you can search by car manufacturer and then by car model. If you get suck, just ask, we are more than happy to help!

Storing your winter wheels and tyres and then your summer wheels and tyres is easy, simply purchase some tyre bags (making sure you carefully select your rim size!). These bags prevent the tyres from suffering against the extreme temperatures during winter and summer when left stored in your garage, loft or at a storage unit.


Another very important thing to remember is the bolts or nuts that you use. You must make sure that you use the bolts/nuts that are supplied with your winter wheels, do not use your existing bolts/nuts as they be a different length, seating or hex (head) size. If in doubt, please ask.

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